Hello friends, fur and human! My name is Faith and I’m Guinness’ momma. We’ve started this blog, or as we like to call Dlog (dog blog), to post about our adventures, some fun DIY’s and grrreat how to’s that you can do with your furry friend too!

My fiancĂ© and I adopted Guin on Memorial Day weekend in 2017 on a whim. The shelter was having a special due to being over extended with pets, so we went down to look and saw “Dexter” a.k.a Guinness. He was small, sweet and really just wanted some loving. We went to place the adoption the next day and it was meant to be, as there was a family a few people behind us who wanted to adopt him as well! But he was meant for us and us for him!

Questions or want us to promote your pet product? Email us at GoodBoyGuinness1@gmail.com !

(background credit: Hunterhill Dog Dark Linen by Laura Ashley)