Fixing a pets plush

Hello furry and human friends! Faith here and I want to talk about something near and dear to, I think, everyones heart. Our hard earned money!

How many times have you seen a plushie for your pet and thought, “Oh this is adorable and he/she would love this!” only to be reminded that spending $10 – $20+ on a plushie that they are just going rip up, is a waste? Then you walk away from that aisle empty handed or maybe with another lame tennis ball. (Come on, a tennis ball is not as fun as a plushie, admit it.)

I noticed that Guinness loves plushies, first his dumpling from BarkBox, but knew he was a chewer, cut to the 2 pairs that are now in the trash! So I was hesitant to get him a full on stuffed animal. But that wasn’t fair to Guinness! I mean look at this face!


(Give him a plushie you beast!)

So I went into my closet to find a Duffy Bear that I was no longer interested in, cut off the appropriate tags and gave it to him. He was so happy, he couldn’t believe I was giving him a Duffy that before he had been yelled at for having!

img_8848(What?! For me! I can’t believe it!)

But, just as I had expected, he went right for the nose and by morning it was gone. HAHA!

Whats a pet parent to do? FIX IT!

I have minimal sewing knowledge, mainly just cross stitch honestly, but I knew I could tie a knot, thread a needle, pull it through a piece of fabric and loop it around in order to close a hole.

Now I am NOT nor do I expect you to be the following:

  • A seamstress
  • An embroidery master
  • An perfect artist

I have minimal sewing knowledge, mainly just cross stitch honestly, but I knew I could tie a knot, thread a needle, pull it through a piece of fabric and loop it around in order to close a hole.

Sounds easy right? That’s because IT IS!

First you’ll need sewing thread, I used black DMC cross stitch thread because it was what I had lying around. I used 2 ply for the initial closing of the hole and then 6 ply for the actual sewing of the nose.


I then tied a good knot, two or three times, at one end and started.

I started with the left and right sides of the nose to close it up horizontally first, then did vertically. I made sure to feed the needle through the inside of the nose first, as to hide the knot easily. Then I continued this method in order to pull the thread and close the hole.

Once closed horizontally, I did not knot the thread in order to start the vertical closure. I simply kept going. In the video below check out how I did it. It is a bit fast, but clear, and sometimes my camera movement is a bit odd but it’s my first time so I’m not claiming to be an expert lol

Fixing Duffy’s Nose

After it was stitched up I took my 6 ply thread and marked directly on the muzzle what I wanted the nose shape to look like (or what I was hoping I could make it look like)


I wanted it to dip down in the middle a bit in order to look like a nose shape. So I simply fed the thread through the muzzle upward, pulled it down aligning with the corresponding dot (you will have to imagine how you’d like it to look in order to know where to stop) and pierced the fabric and came out at the top where the initial insertion point was.

Here’s a clip of this method:

Making the nose

It does take some time, so I popped in a movie and was able to sit and make this in that span of time.

And voilà! You have a new bear and a happy pup!

Comment below on your experience with patching up you pets toys or if you need any help with the steps! Be sure to follow us too!


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